My Experience of Decoration We have moved to our new house in this August finally,Guest Posting and I would like to share with you about my decoration experience, hope it can give you some help for your decoration too.

We get the key of our new house at the beginning of this year. Then we got down collecting all the information to decorate it with exciting and happiness. Instead of paying for a professional designer, we decided to decorate it by ourselves. If fact, more and more young couples tend to decorate their new house by themselves in recent years. It not only can save much money and also give us more choices to purchase something we prefer. Meanwhile, it was a good chance to practice our cooperation and bring good memory for our future marriage life.

Here are the main steps for us:

1. style. This is the core for the whole process. The next steps will be taken based on the decoration style. It is very easy to find thousand and hundreds of design sketches in the internet. And we also visit many of our friends’ houses. They also give us many good suggestions. After longtime comparison, both of us are prefer The Modern Concise Style. It is the most popular style among the young couples.

2. Wall paper The wall paper should be chosen based on the main decoration style of the whole house. For the bedrooms, we can choose some sweet drawings on it. It will help to make your room warmer.

3. We choose a furniture company and asked them come to measure the size of our rooms firstly, and choose the style and color of trunk according to the size. Then we choose sofa, table and window curtains based on the style and color of trunk, which make them coordinate with each other.

4. Lighting Equipmentsis a very beautiful part to decorate our house. There are vast styles of the light equipment in the market and you will be dizzy when you stay a while in the lighting shops. The more we see the more difficult for us to make choice. All of them are very beautiful, but we don’t know which one is better. Suddenly, we remember one of our friends is selling lights on the website now. So we invited him to our house and choose some lights according to our house style. They are very beautiful with competitive price and more importantly, they are power savers and environment-friendly products.

5. Floor According to the style and color system of our house, we chose wooden floor in light color.

As we all know, decoration wastes much time and energy. But we also got much surprise and joy during that period. And we learned much knowledge of which we have never known before. So I suggest you try it by yourself too and you will know how happy you will when you finish it.

Finding Inspiration

Before embarking on any decorating project, it’s essential to find inspiration. For me, this often involves scrolling through interior design magazines, exploring Pinterest boards, and even taking nature walks to find color schemes. Inspiration can come from unexpected places, and it’s the spark that ignites the entire creative process.

The Role of Mood Boards

One of the most effective tools in my decorating journey has been the creation of mood boards. These boards are like visual roadmaps, helping me gather and organize ideas, colors, textures, and furniture pieces. They serve as a constant source of inspiration throughout the project.

Choosing the Right Color Palette

Selecting the perfect color palette can be a daunting task. I’ve learned that it’s crucial to consider the room’s purpose and the emotions you want it to evoke. I’ll delve into the psychology of colors and share some of my favorite palettes that have transformed my spaces.

The Impact of Colors

Colors have the power to influence our mood and perception of space. In this section, I’ll discuss how I’ve used color to create different atmospheres in various rooms, from soothing blues in the bedroom to energizing yellows in the kitchen.

Furniture and Accessories

Furniture and accessories are the heart of any well-decorated space. I’ll share my experiences in selecting pieces that not only match the aesthetic but also cater to functionality. From vintage thrift store finds to modern statement furniture, it’s all about balance.

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