How Much Youtuber Pays For 1000 Views in India Rupees

As you know, When it comes to working from home and making money out of it.YouTube is the # 1 choice for making money from home. You can make good money here. The main question which arises in everyone’s mind is ‘Do you want to become a YouTuber?’ Youtube never gives money according to likes, comments or shares as you know according to subscribers. But there’s this one question that still arises that one can get money only according to their number of subscribers on youtube? Then it’s wrong. The answer is that the more views you get on your youtube video, one can get money for this as well.

There are thousands of youtubers who all are everyday uploading their videos on youtube in order to earn millions and crores of rupees. But indeed it’s a great advantage not only for the youtubers but also for every other person. This way you can know 100,000 YouTube subscribers per year and 100,000 YouTube subscribers per month without wasting your time.

When your application to join the YouTube Partner Programme is approved, you will be eligible to earn money when visitors watch your videos. Your predicted profits will be ready for settlement 45 days following the end of that month, according to your YouTube Analytics page.

Your channel will only grow if you can reach your audience. There are mainly two ways to make money on YouTube. First, you can earn money directly from YouTube. Second, you can earn money from YouTube ads.

Furthermore, YouTubers can receive contributions from their followers in a number of methods.

Collaboration with sponsors, advertisements, and item sales are some of the other ways YouTubers make money.

In general, YouTubers can earn money through a multitude of means. A YouTuber can generate a sustained revenue from their videos by combining the correct methods. The possibility to get paid to view old videos is going to rely entirely on the YouTuber, their site, and what they post.

The two are different from each other. If you want to make money directly from YouTube, you need to watch between 1,000 and 4,000 hours of specific content per year. In India, 1,000 views pays around 2,000-3,000 rupees.

Basically, it’s a very simple way that the more views your videos get on YouTube. And the more related ads will come on them. That’s what they say always publish more unique and creative content on youtube.

With this let us discuss some of the ways from which one can earn money from Youtube –

  1. Only these Subscribers, likes, comments, shares, etc. are not important for earning money from on YouTube.
  2. The 2nd most important thing is promotion well, promotion is the best way to make money on YouTube after Google Adsense. This is the area where the YouTuber earns more than his AdSense. Because only YouTubers know how much they earn from their promotions. He can earn thousands to millions of rupees from just one video by promoting his brand here.
  3. Last and the most important way to earn your own money from youtube is by the process of marketing which is also a good way to earn money after advertising and promotion on YouTube.

A YouTuber having 1000 followers could make up to $12,000 per year according to the type of advertising that are running. It is also feasible to earn money through endorsements and other means.

YouTubers can earn money from commercials and brand deals in alongside their ad revenue. A YouTuber having 1000 followers can expect to earn anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000 per year from commercials or brand collaborations.

It is crucial to remember that these figures are only estimations because the quantity of money generated from 1000 subscribers was extremely varied and depends on a number of factors. As a result, the actual earnings of a YouTuber with 1000 subscribers can vary from one to the next.

YouTubers does not make money on a monthly basis. It is not a subscription service, instead being an ad-based structure that pays you each view.

It is vital to know that AdSense pays you when people watch an advertisement integrated in your video.

YouTubers are compensated in a variety of ways, a few of them are more common than others. The majority of YouTubers get money via adverts. When viewers see a video that contains an advertisement, the YouTuber receives a modest commission based on what kind of advertising and the viewer’s location. Aside from advertisements, YouTube also provides subscription and renting capabilities, which allow viewers to pay a fee to access specific videos.

It can be concluded that if any of the youtuber has 1 million subscribers. They must have gain about 1,000,000 rupees every month. So, you can buy 1 million subscribers by

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