Retail Packaging Redefined: Creating Memorable Unboxing Experiences

Custom retail packaging is no longer an innovative invention on its own. Every brand is now on board the bandwagon of custom packaging trying to reach the destination of success with the help of customized gears. However, there is still a ton of untapped potential in packaging. All you need to do is redefine your packaging strategy. The main purpose of packaging is to offer an impeccable experience. One of the finest ways to redefine your brand’s retail packaging is by incorporating innovative ways to create memorable unboxing experiences. Here are a few ways you can provide a magic touch to your packaging.

Dash of a little Extra

Packaging is not just about a creative exterior. The interior packaging matters just as much as the exterior in order to create a memorable unboxing experience. After all, the product itself resides inside the packaging so how can it not be important? Once the customer is attracted to the exterior packaging they are bound to open it to look for the product. While doing so, they usually expect just the product inside.

However, an addition in the contents of the packaging can catch the consumer by surprise. An unexpected material can catch people unguarded and allow for a little excitement. The amusement of receiving something extra for the same amount of money makes them think they got a better deal than they paid for. The happiness of receiving something extra and then not having to pay for it doubles the excitement and creates a memorable experience.

Now you must be questioning what can be one of those extra things to be included in the package to evoke a pleasant reaction. Here are a couple of things you can add to the packaging to help create a memorable unboxing experience.

Promo Codes and Material

Everyone loves some free stuff, it is the first step on the stairs to elation. In the packaging of your products, you can incorporate one of these two things. Either promo codes for discounts on the next shopping spree or a sample-sized product. Both of these things are bound to create a delightful experience. The promo code also entices the customer to make another purchase. Furthermore, it allows more traction to your website making your brand a little more famous one promo code at a time. The promo material or sample-sized products are always a delight. It is free stuff so surely it can only cause a joyful reaction.

Moreover, it promotes your products that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. It allows the customer to experience the other product which then entices them to purchase that one as well. It is a win-win situation for the brands when they include promo codes or materials in their packaging. There are many specious websites on internet. If you want to protect your children from specious websites you can read our new blog unblock websites

A Sweet Treat

Sweeten the unboxing experience of your customers with a sweet treat inside the packaging and reap the delicious fruit of sugar-coated reviews. A piece of chocolate, if you live in cold environments, is the best addition to your package. In warmer climates, in light of the heat, a couple of candies make the perfect sweet treat to accompany your product. The sweetness of the candy puts the customer in a better mood even before they use your product. The product experience is ultimately enhanced which hooks the customer to your brand.


Stickers are fun for all ages. It does not matter whether your product’s key demographic is adolescents or not. Stickers are enjoyed by all ages alike. They are little drawings or quotes on little pieces of sticky paper, how can anyone dislike them? They offer a unique and enjoyable experience. It allows them to interact with the packaging and unleash their own creativity in doing so. Furthermore, the stickers act as the perfect reminder of your product and brand. Whenever someone walks past that sticker it will remind them not just to use your product but also how much fun they had opening that product.

It acts as the most innocent tool of semi-permanent advertisement. The constant presence of the sticker in any environment sparks intrigue. This intrigue entices the accomplices of the customers to become your customer as well. It is fun to play with and then afterward it is cute to look at. Stickers are the perfect addition to retail packaging.

Final Words

The unboxing experience creates an everlasting impression on the mind of the consumer. The feeling of elation provides a dopamine surge to the customer. That dopamine surge then keeps them hooked to your brand. Humans are always seeking a dash of dopamine wherever they can get it. Ultimately a premium unboxing experience acts as a drug that makes the consumer yearn for more and always remain in pursuit of it.

Not only the customer, if the packaging lands in the hands of an influencer it can hook an insane amount of people to your brand. The unboxing should be an interactive experience. The addition of a few harmless components such as stickers, candies, or promo materials has only an upside. There is no downside in treating your customers to a little extra product or a discount. If they feel appreciated and valued they will continue to shop for your product.

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