Understanding The Benefits & Cost Savings Offered by Intel Servers

Growth is the prime characteristic to ensure business continuity. While there are a lot of struggles to grow a business, maintaining its growth isn’t easy. You have to reevaluate everything from office space to data management and more. Also, with the increase in remote and hybrid working cultures, you need to consider the IT requirements too. These complexities hamper your business’s operational efficiency. But now, no more. Intel servers are here to address them. From reducing costs to downtime, they help your business run and grow.

What is an Intel Server?     

Consider the Intel server as a central computer for your business. If your laptops and computers are the machines for productivity, the server is a driver for it. It can handle many tasks, from managing updates on your PC fleet to working as a secure vault for sensitive data. Servers are different from laptops and desktops because they are designed to function 24×7. They are accessible at all times and from anywhere, so you can easily connect with your people, share resources and get your work done.

Intel Server: A Simple Investment for Your Scaling Business   

Many small businesses use desktop computers to store valuable data and run shared business applications. But Intel servers take the work of computers to the next level. These servers offer you the much-needed security for your data while helping your employees to be more productive and aligning your company towards growth.    

Intel Leverages Data Storage through Server and Cloud Services:  

Intel servers secure your data through devices backed by Intel Xeon processors. Further, it leverages the power of servers through Intel cloud technology to host some of your business applications to propel your business to growth.    

Some of the features of Intel Xeon processors enhance Intel server capabilities.    

  • These processors deliver up to 2x performance regarding the response time.     
  • Intel Xeon processors-based servers provide redundant storage and automatic data error correction. It means you can quickly recover data in case of hard drive failure and avoid data loss.  
  • By investing a little more than in a desktop per day, you can have all the benefits of a server.   

Benefits of Intel Servers for Your Small Business:  

  • Top-notch Quality:   

Intel servers are a result of rigorous testing and extensive validation that speaks through their high quality and industry-leading technology, making Intel servers one of the reliable solutions for data storage and management.     

  • Feature-packed Products:  

These servers are utilized for multiple server use cases wherein businesses can customize the performance, power, and cost based on their requirement while still having headroom for growth.   

  • Unmatched Experience:   

With Intel servers, you get end-to-end solutions and services no matter where your business stands today. With 24×7 access to vital data and collaboration opportunities, you have the confidence to know that you have a dependable partner that got your back even when disaster strikes.   

That is How Intel Servers Helps Save Money:  

  • Reduced Operational and Maintenance Cost:  

Once the Intel servers are installed for business operations, they reduce the time and money required by the IT department to deploy and install the applications. It results in faster time to value for applications.   

Additionally, the admins’ routine workloads get reduced as they have better data availability to ensure faster responses to queries from their clients. Furthermore, the system improves uptime and saves money on third-party management tools.   

  • Reduced Business Disruptions:   

Maintaining uptime is crucial for every business, especially those relying on real-time data processing and exchange. Intel servers help ensure that. You can easily apply server patches without shutting down the system and save valuable time on maintenance and thus increasing uptime. As a result, your business’s agility improves, and you have additional time to explore new revenue streams.   

  • Improved Security and Reduced Downtime:   

Implementing the Intel servers can protect your business with out-of-box hardware-based security. These servers feature Intel vPro platform security features that keep your business protected and at peace but also offer you the efficiency of reaching heights.   


The Intel servers support a wide range of demands and needs of businesses. These servers are excellent choices for small businesses that need reliable and secure server infrastructure to support their operations, reduce downtime and enhance their productivity.  

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