Why Should You Use EDDM Postcards for Your Next Marketing Campaign?

EDDM Postcards are becoming one of the favorite marketing materials for businesses. There are many reasons behind that. If your direct mail campaign looks to reach out to a specific neighborhood or people, EDDM can be a great cost saver.

EDDM is a program by US Postal Service. Using it small businesses can promote their brand or the product or services they are offering. Through EDDM postcards, a business can target customizers within its locality in its advertising and marketing campaign.

EDDM postcard printing comes with many benefits. These benefits are listed here.

Enables Local Area Marketing

EDDM postcards and brochures primarily emphasize marketing a business within its neighborhood and don’t require a mailing list. Usually, when companies choose other marketing techniques, they have to buy a mailing list, which contains the customer’s contact information and addresses in the locality. In such a case, direct mail marketing works through the mail carrier. They take the responsibility of distributing the mail along a certain mailing route. The operation can eliminate the requirement of the addresses of customers.

With EDDM, businesses can focus on designing and printing their advertising material while the USPS distributes the material without any hassle to the whole neighbourhood. All SMEs have to do is identify the carrier routes they would prefer targeting.

Provides Discount Offers

Businesses that use EDDM campaigns can offer discounts directly to their customers. Attractive discounts play a crucial role in attracting new customers and building loyalty among customers. Adding discount offers, businesses such as salons or shoe stores can offer coupon incentives to customers compelling them to visit the business store yet again for redeeming their coupon codes.

Discount provides encourage customers for buying products they might not have otherwise thought they need.

Affordable Option

Not needing a mailing list for direct mail brochure campaign can help in saving a lot of money. Additionally, targeting locally cuts down on costs as your mail does not have to travel larger distances.

EDDM has a unique feature in that you can send mail for a very low price. But a targeted mailing list with certain demographics will cut down on the total brochures and postcards you have mailed at a price as low as 27 cents.

All in all, local marketing has never been more cost-effective and the USPS will do all the leg work for you.

There is no postal limit. This, in turn, saves you more money. While direct mail materials let you mail without a postal permit or mail list, for larger mailing a mail hour can drop several pieces at the same time.

Design an attractive, informative, and colorful postcard and flyer, and then drop them off at your local USPS.

Easy to Use

The process to create and send an EDDM campaign is convenient and straightforward. With direct mail brochure printing, businesses can view and choose mailing routes without any hassle while accessing key demographic details for each route. Hence, you can choose the best routes for your EDDM marketing campaign.

Moreover, many direct mail companies use the EDDM mapping tool and enable businesses to print and send out their EDDM mailers directly in just a few steps. So, you do not even have to visit the post office. EDDM’s streamlined approach will save businesses valuable resources and time. This helps them focus better on their marketing campaign.

Easier to Target

EDDM helps with easy targeting. Nothing is much easier than this. Since you do not have to buy a mailing list, the USPS will deliver the mail for you. However, with EDDM, you can just target anyone on the mail route of the carrier. Thus, there is no effort involved. It ensures that every business and household on their route can see your mailer. People love supporting local businesses. Hence, an incentive in the mail is an excellent way to get them to stop at your store and avail the offer. It can easily grab attention.

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