Why are my YouTube videos not getting any views?

It’s 2023. You had the most fantastic idea for your business, product, or personal project’s film. You spent countless sleepless nights, hundreds of dollars, and hours perfecting the video’s production. When you clicked the “Publish” button, you were delighted to share it with the world and had a very upbeat feeling. However, weeks have passed, and YouTube videos not getting any views for your video have remained low. No one is willing to go through this nightmare.

As you picture all those arduous hours and substantial financial investment being wasted, you are beginning to lose hope. You might be curious as to why your YouTube video has no views. Where did you err, exactly? The different explanations for why your YouTube video isn’t getting any views will be covered in this post. To make this article worthwhile, we’ve also included a few pointers on correcting any potential errors you could have made.

Why You Have No Views On YouTube

According to statistics, almost 1.5 billion videos are watched daily on YouTube. It makes it clear that there is a chance for your corporate video to succeed. It makes it clear that there is a chance for your corporate video to succeed. Hence, the first thing we must do is determine the causes of your films’ low popularity. Here are a few potential causes:

The thumbnail for your video needs to be more interesting.

The thumbnail for your video will be the first thing viewers will see. People will only click on your video if it appears attractive. People will only click on your video if the thumbnail is of good quality since they expect the actual video to be of the same caliber.

How to Correct It:

You should create personalized thumbnails that accurately reflect your brand and video content if you want your thumbnails to be as appealing as possible. Moreover, it would be ideal if you quickly increased the contrast or saturation of the thumbnail.

You used the wrong video tags.

YouTube operates similarly to Google because it is also a search engine. Your video’s ranking will increase based on how relevant the search engine deems it to be. Most views will go to videos located on the first few pages of search engine results, while youtube will give little to no views to those towards the bottom.

How to Correct It:

Because the search engine will prioritize the first tags, you should enter the specific keyword tags when establishing tags for your movie. The single-word tags that most accurately describe the content of your film are referred to as specific tags.

With your content, you need more consistency.

If you provide a negative response to each inquiry, we have identified the cause of your lack of YouTube views. When you vary your YouTube video, people will become perplexed, as you can see. They will only subscribe to your YouTube channel if they know the type of videos it will feature and what it is all about. It may severely harm your video rating.

It is so because the algorithm gives channels with a history of posting valuable content a higher priority. Your YouTube channel’s subscribers and views will be influenced by the quality of the videos it has. Having no views on YouTube is terrible, but a little consistency can go a long way.

How to Correct It:

You should make a content calendar and follow it if you want to guarantee high placement in YouTube results. Ensure the content you submit is relevant to your area and that you compose a 200-word (minimum) description with at least three instances of your target keyword.

Your video’s opening needs to be more transparent or move too slowly.

The majority of audiences these days have minimal attention spans. Because of this, you only have a short window of time to capture their interest. They will only watch your video if it is fast and smooth. The worst aspect is that people might also stop watching other videos on your channel because they think it could be more enjoyable.

How to Correct It

In the initial few seconds of the video, try to grab the viewer’s interest. You can achieve this by beginning the video with an illustration of the significant subject. You might even try to ascertain the viewer’s problem and guarantee that the movie will address it. Another thing you could attempt is to start the video with an unexpected sight, person, or message.

You have a lengthy video.

No matter how good the concept behind the video is, if it is too long, no one will watch it. The YouTube audience moves quickly. They frequently need more time to create long-form material and jump around from one video to the next.

How to Correct It:

Making a short film demonstrates to your audience that you value their time. Between 60 to 90 seconds is the optimum time for a video. Given how much audiences can differ, it is challenging to provide accurate averages. It would be best to research the optimal length for your target audience and particular topic.

With your audience, you don’t try to interact with them.

Have you responded to the remarks made by your audience? Do you spend time talking to them? If not, that may be one of the reasons they aren’t returning to your channel and seeing other videos.

How to Correct It:

By interacting with your audience, you may develop a relationship with them and make them feel connected to your brand. Your videos will be essential as you interact with people on social media because people tend to gravitate toward the brands or businesses they have interacted with. As a result, be careful to always respond to comments on your videos and channel. It would be best to interact with visitors on your social network pages, blogs, websites, and many other places to take engagement to a new level.


It’s not the world’s end if your YouTube video gets no views. You can do several things to solve this issue, even if it is certainly annoying. You can also run YouTube ads by using The first thing you must do, like everything else, is to figure out why people aren’t interested in watching your movies.

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